Large Fleet

Large Fleet Managers, we have solutions to your mobile telecommunications problems.

Installing Truck Phones in your fleet will help you cut your company’s communication costs, and provide a safer alternative for your drivers compared to handheld units and help meet OH&S requirements.

  • Less Driver Distraction
  • OH&S Compliance
  • Designed For Noisy Environments
  • Superior Coverage

Tough and Long Life:

Our range of Truck Phones including the R2474G & CP1100LTE is fixed in vehicle, so the Truck Phone will provide many years reliable service (at least 4 times that of a handheld). Also there is no chance of the phone being lost, suffering impact or water damage or even battery replacement as the unit runs from the vehicle’s power supply.

Less Driver Distraction:

Driver distraction is at a minimum with a large screen, large buttons and a simple to use menu. The Truck Phone range will only work hands-free, leaving both of the Driver’s hands free to control the vehicle. Although an optional Privacy Handset is available (at extra cost) should the driver wish to talk through a receiver while stopped.

Designed For Noisy Environments:

The range of Truck Phones have a loud volume and directional microphone and is designed for noisy truck cabin environments not cars like their competitors.

Full Voice Integration:

The Bury CP1100LTE is a powerful, fully featured, voice activated phone. This elite device reads out SMS and allows you to control the entire kit via voice control. Bury have also implemented their voice memos, DSP sound cancelling, magic word voice activation system, as well as many other fantastic features.

Superior Coverage:

All Truck Phones are designed to work with a fixed antenna, so your vehicles will enjoy superior network coverage compared to a handheld on the same network.

All Truck Phones have a 24 month warranty, with an extended warranty available.

Truck Phones also supply’s a range of quality RFI antennas and mounts to work with the R2474G & CP1100LTE.

We can also provide Project Management for installation into your fleet.

*Not available on all networks.