Owner Drivers

Many Owner Drivers are enjoying the benefits of using Truck Phones.

They are also adding value to their vehicle by fitting a quality functional accessory, and saving money at the same time by avoiding traffic fines and loss of demerit points.

  • Australia Wide Delivery
  • Superior network coverage
  • Loud Volume & microphone

The Ballistic LineHaul R2474G Truck Phone has loud volume and microphone and is designed for noisy truck cabin environments, not cars like their competitors. Distraction from the road is at a minimum with a large screen, large buttons and a simple to use menu.

The Bury CP1100LTE is a powerful, fully featured, voice activated phone. This elite device reads out SMS and allows you to control the entire kit via voice control. Bury have also implemented their voice memos, DSP sound canceling, magic word voice activation system, as well as many other fantastic features. An optional Privacy Handset is also available for this model, should you wish to talk through a receiver while stopped.

Our Truck Phones are fixed mounted in the vehicle, so you will always know where to find it. There is no chance of it being damaged or lost outside the vehicle. The unit also runs from the Truck’s power supply. This means that flat or worn out batteries are no longer a problem and separate chargers are not required.

All Truck Phones are designed to work with a fixed antenna. This means you will enjoy superior network coverage compared to a handheld. In fact you will enjoy the best coverage this side of a satellite phone.

With a Truck Phone in your vehicle you will enjoy long model life with at least 4 times less turnover of Mobile equipment compared to hand held devices.

All Truck Phones have a 24 month warranty.

TruckPhones.com.au also supply a range of quality RFI antennas and mounts to work with the R2474G & CP1100LTE. Make sure you pick an antenna to suit your needs when shopping.

We deliver Australia wide.